The Thinning of the Veils

It is once again the season where the veils between the earthly and spiritual realms become thin, even transparent. It goes by various names according to the culture you are brought up in, such as Hallows Eve (Halloween), Día De Los Muertos, Samhain, and others. In a commercially-driven culture such as the United States, this time is usually celebrated by watching horror movies, dressing up in various types of costumes, consuming candy and sweets, parties and a general reduction of consciousness (through alcohol, drugs, sex, food, and other forms of addictive sense-gratifying behaviors).

However, for those of us who are interested in becoming ever more awake to why we are here on Earth and what our journey’s purpose is, this is a very potent time of year.  When we go within ourselves to a deep place of awareness, we can meet our spiritual family, helpers and guides and gain valuable information. This is a process that can be facilitated, such as through a cacao or ayahuasca ceremony, but it can be equally powerful and illuminating to simply become very still, quiet down the mind, and ask your guides to be with you for a conversation.

Our current atmosphere within human society is based upon fear. Humans are fed a steady diet of fear stories, images, sounds, and events that masquerade mostly as “news” or “entertainment.” The ultimate goal of all of this is to keep people enslaved in fear mentality and emotional states, in order to control the population and maintain the status quo. The most insidious and effective tool to carry out this purpose is your cell phone. It has become the single most useful tool of mind control available in the world today. And we, complacent humans, gladly consume the fear nearly every time we scroll down the social media feed. Fear has become our constant companion in the 2020s.

Dear Readers, I would like to suggest that during the next few days and nights, while veils are at their thinnest between the realms, you turn off your cell phone and laptop. Get outside where there is any kind of nature, such your garden if you have one, a park or open space in a city, or else into the woods or near a body of water if you can. Light a candle if it is possible to do so, and have some water along. Become still, and ground yourself into the Earth. Call to the four directions, and the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Sit quietly or lay upon the ground, and invite your spirit guides to commune with you on your soul level. Do not be afraid of them, and be sure to surround yourself with White Light on all sides, above and below. Only benevolent spirits are welcome in your sacred space. If you aren’t familiar with spirit communication, simply follow these steps and then quietly wait and listen. If you are sincere and open, they will come and be with you. You may ask them questions, or just ask them to share what they wish you to know at this time. Be open to receive and take it all in.  When you at last feel that you are complete in the communion, thank them and bless them for being with you. Stay in the quiet space for as long as you can before returning to your ordinary life.

Dear Readers, the times we are living through and those that lie ahead are extraordinarily challenging. There are many things to worry about and to mourn on so many levels: personal, familial, communal, regional, national and global. The months and years ahead will continue to challenge everything that humans have collectively believed and held to be true. Many belief systems will be exposed as false and harmful, and will crumble and fade. New belief systems will fill those vacuums. This is the time of sorting—what kind of future world will humanity collectively choose? Wherever the majority of consciousness puts its energy, will create that future world.

Those of us who have been incarnated during the past several decades will continue to leave their bodies and the Earth. The ones who are younger, such as the Millennials, Generation Z, and all the new souls being born now are the ones who must choose the future of humanity on Earth. Scientists acknowledge that the Earth’s atmosphere will continue heating for the foreseeable future, which affects all aspects of life on the surface. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Yet, the future is unwritten. Humans are highly creative. There are many opportunities that exist now and will continue to be discovered, for adapting life to a hotter atmosphere. It’s not all lost yet, and it doesn’t have to be.  The choices that the younger generations make will determine their futures. This is why it is critically important for young people to turn off their phones, become still, and listen to their inner wisdom keepers. The future of humanity literally depends on it.

I wish everyone who reads this post a safe and healthy Hallows Eve, Día de Los Muertos, Samhain, and Thinning of the Veils. Blessings and peace to all.

Elegy for Our Common Identities

September 11, 2021

Today was the 20 year anniversary of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and Pentagon in Washington, DC.  I, and many other Americans, watched and listened to the event that took place at the 9-11 memorial at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. For several hours, pairs of people took turns to read the names of every person who was killed by the terrorist attack.

The people who read the names of the dead were all relatives of someone who died. Two by two, they stood somberly and read name after name, in alphabetical order.

Nearly 3,000 people died as a result of that fateful and tragic day. As the names of each one were read, I listened. Musicians played lovely, quiet chamber music to accompany the readings. Many emotions washed over me during the course of the memorial service.  Sorrow was the keynote underlying the entire service. One by one, the readers honored the one they had personally lost. Patterns quickly emerged:  father, brother, cousin, mother, sister, daughter, son. People of all ages honored their loved one, including many children and youth who never had the opportunity to know the one who died personally. And yet, each one spoke similar words of knowing them through the stories, pictures, and family ties they had for the past twenty years. Most of the readers remarked that they wished their beloved could have been alive to see their families grow and mark the milestones of their common lives—graduations, births, marriages, and other significant moments. Some readers choked up and cried as they read their memorial, feeling the loss as acutely as if time stood still. Many spoke of the pain they still felt as they remembered their beloved one every single day. And many ended with the words, we will meet again one day.

Corey Kilgannon for The New York Times

The common threads that were repeated over and over during the course of the four hour ceremony became apparent and important to recognize. A few of these threads include:

The names of the dead read as a reminder of who lives in America. The ancestors of these people came from all parts of the world, and yet they were all together in New York on that fateful day. All races, religions, creeds, and belief systems were represented in those who died.

Everyone who died had someone (or many) who cared about them, and misses them very much to this day. And, the important point that each person was simply a human, living their ordinary life on a clear September morning, when something unforeseeable and utterly horrific happened to them that was completely beyond their control.

This blog post is not the place to discuss the implications of everything that came after 9-11-2001, or of how the world changed forever because of that day. This post is simply my way to honor and remember, along with many others, those whose lives were taken from those whom they loved.

During the livestream, they showed the memorial itself. It is a brilliant representation of the eternal nature of life, death and spirit. A deeply built square fountain and pool of water that continually recycles. Around the perimeter are all the names of those who died carved into the stone rim. There were flowers and flags placed next to everyone’s name. The symbolism is profound as a fitting memorial to the human spirit which can never die, regardless of the destruction of the physical body.

Although today’s memorial service was specifically for the ones who died on 9-11-2001, I also sensed the larger memorial to all of those who have left us through no fault of their own. The pandemic has taken many millions of lives and left millions more behind to grieve. In a real sense, this time on Earth seems to be one of intense grieving and loss. There is a line in the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Christian-Judeo bible that states, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die … A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.”  This is a time to mourn, to remember all that has happened, and to honor it for the lessons we have learned as the whole of humanity.

System Breakdown

It has been a long time since I wrote on this blog. I’ve spent many hours dealing with my despair and conflicting emotions about the catastrophic state of our world. Back in May, when the weather where I live (Denver, Colorado) was sweet and fragrant with blossoms, I already felt trepidation about the coming summer. Every summer since I’ve lived here (from 2014 on), the summers have become increasingly more extreme. This is true for most places around the world—more heat, more extreme hurricanes, floods, drought, and wildfires.

What will our collective future be like?

The Earth/Gaia is clearly going through a cleansing and purging process. Humanity has for eons polluted, abused and taken from her in every way possible. And now she (for Earth/Gaia is indeed a living being, just as we are) is using all means at her disposal (all the elementals) to restore her body and become whole again. The outcomes of this process are all the extreme weather events humanity is experiencing, and will continue to endure into the foreseeable future.

For a moment, I still believed that the worst of climate changes could be avoided. Back when the Paris Climate treaty was signed, nearly six years ago, for a glimmering moment it looked like humanity was finally waking up. World leaders understood the real dangers we faced, and they made a big show to acknowledge them and committed money, time, and resources toward reversing the damage we’d caused over the past several decades of fossil fuel burning.

Every summer into late autumn has proved more devastating than the last. The past several years have been the hottest ever recorded on Earth. The poles are melting at rates much faster than climate scientists believed possible. Siberian forests in the coldest regions of Earth have become infernos each summer. Records continue to be broken for all the extremes, all around the planet. As it turns out, the world leaders who signed the Paris Climate agreement didn’t really mean what they said, what they wrote, nor what they agreed to do. The machine of fossil fuel use continues on and we continue to abuse our planet’s air, water, land, oceans, and resources.

Two years ago on this blog, I posted some articles written by Jem Bendell. He wrote a research paper about the impending collapse of systems due to all the factors I’ve named here. At the time, I was horrified and appalled, and yet I also could understand why he made the assertion that our world would soon experience breakdown. Two years later, Bendell’s predictions are beginning to become our reality. Everywhere one looks, there is system breakdown.

We gather and rebel not with a vision of a fairy-tale future where we have fixed the climate, but because it is right to do what we can. To slow the change. To reduce the harm. To save what we can. To invite us back to sanity and love. The truth is we are scared and we are brave enough to say so. The truth is we are grieving and we are proud enough to say so. The truth is we are traumatised and we are open enough to say so. We are angry and we are calm enough to say so and invite others to join us.” (Jem Bendell’s Opening speech of the international rebellion of Extinction Rebellion in Oxford Circus on April 15th 2019).

It is excruciating to look at the world now. I think that’s why so many people refuse to see what is obviously before them. Denial of our common situation is sadly ubiquitous among many millions of souls.  Brave scientists, authors, thinkers, journalists, and even some awake politicians have been sounding the clarion call for changing human behavior for years, and some for decades. Now we have reached the point of no return. Someone wrote recently, “this may be the coolest summer for the rest of my life.” 

Dear Readers, I am very sad to write that I’ve reached the point where I no longer feel hopeful about our common future on Earth, at least not into the foreseeable future. I refuse to join the crowd who foretells the extinction of the human race. Yet, it seems very clear to me now that the years ahead for all of us will be increasingly difficult to navigate. The extremes in temperature and global heating of the atmosphere will force us to make radical decisions about where and how we live upon Earth going forward. The Elon Musks of the world will likely find extravagant ways to live well, no matter what. But for the rest of the billions of humans, life is about to become much more difficult.

There is a loose community of people alive today who firmly believe that we have now entered into a new, Golden Age of Gaia. They advise against watching the old paradigm of life as we’ve known it for millennia crumble. Some of these folks are serious about aiding this new Earth, and spend their time giving courses, being out in nature with crystals, performing all sorts of healing rituals for Mama Gaia, and envisioning the new, healed and whole Earth and her people. In their scenario, the people have reconciled their dualistic, separate self with the One/All That Is. There is no more war, hunger, greed or bad actors. It’s basically a New Age version of the proverbial Garden of Eden story restored. This group of folks are very serious about their visioning and have been working and waiting for it to manifest for many years. They are still waiting.

As much as I want to also say yes, this New Earth has been birthed and will continue to grow in the decades and centuries ahead, I currently see only evidence of the crumbling and breakdown that apparently “needs to happen” before the new age can begin. For a lot of reasons, I sincerely hope the New Agers are right, and it will only be a matter of time before the world transforms into a beautiful, peaceful, healthy, ideal place filled with happy, secure and peaceful humans who understand that All Is One. However, I personally don’t have much energy left to keep fighting for this someday future world. I am exhausted.

These are tremendously hard words to have to write, and the main reason I seldom post on this blog any longer. No one wants to read such depressing thoughts. I wish so much to report better news. To be fair, there are small pockets of humans around the globe who are raising organic food, saving animals, helping other humans and modeling better and more sustainable ways to live upon Earth. This is wonderful and I applaud them all. But in the face of the vast tsunami of disasters facing large populations of people, these efforts are like trying to put out a hundred thousand acre forest fire with a garden hose.

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I send each of you love and light, and the courage and strength to keep going in your life. May all the small gestures of loving kindness we give to others and to ourselves add up to something amazing and miraculous that we cannot know right now.