Five Early Lessons From Extinction Rebellion

For those interested in the principles behind the phenomenon that is Extinction Rebellion!

XR Blog

By Chris Taylor

How the new movement for ecological justice is reimagining the world
by reimagining the art of protest, protection and healing.

By Chris Taylor



Apr 25, 2019

Five Early Lessons From Extinction Rebellion

Photo: Ruth Davey/Look Again – Photography for the Wellbeing of People and Planet (

Like many in the UK I have jumped feet first into the Extinction
Rebellion movement. It has captured something in the zeitgeist,
bringing together people across cultures and generations in a movement
for fundamental global change. It’s not just about climate change. It’s
about a revolution of love, deep ecology and radical transformation.

There is a long way to go. Victory will be secured over years rather
than months. This is the struggle for the heart and soul of the human
species, not for a quick fix climate solution. But even at this early
stage we are starting to see trends and approaches that…

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